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27th Annual Deaconess Classic Held at the Evansville Country Club

The theme for the 27th Annual Deaconess Classic is superheroes, and the Evansville Country Club’s golf course was full of them on Monday.

31 teams with 124 women signed up to golf, all for women’s health. The tournament started with tips and tricks from the 2019 U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Champion, Ian Kim-Schaad.

“I’m honored to be here to host a clinic, and help these ladies raise money for mammograms and pelvic exams,” says Schaad.

The classic is committed to increasing awareness of women’s health and the importance of early detection.

“As women, as warriors, as we are, we tend to wait longer and we don’t do those self exams in the later stage. So we want to make all of this awareness for anybody and everybody out there and early detection is key to get back out into these communities,” says Barb Daum, Co-Chair, Deaconess Classic.

The money raised from the tournament will go toward providing mammograms and pelvis ultrasounds for women in the Tri-State who can not afford or access them.

Co-chair, Helen Christian adds, “We go into rural areas, where people can’t get to examinations, and take care of sisters brothers friends, everyone. That’s what strikes a chord with most women.”

The proceeds will also provide financial resources to support community awareness, prevention, and treatment of diseases. Since the beginning of the classic, the tournaments have raised $3 million. It also has provided more than 12,000 mammograms and ultrasounds.