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Kerrygold Avantage Milk promotes fitness, healthy living

Two malls in Lagos, namely the Ikeja City Mall and the Leisure Mall Surulere, recently saw lots of activity as shoppers “set the wheels in motion” participating in the Blender Bike challenge and other activities at the Kerrygold Avantage Milk activation.

This promotion took place in conjunction with Bord Bia (The Irish Food Board), who hosted a series of in-store and online campaigns throughout Africa in recognition of World Milk Day, celebrated on Tuesday 1 June. World Milk Day is an annual event that is held to promote global awareness around the benefits of milk.

Milk is packed with nutrients, is a good source of quality protein, it is associated with healthy bones and is a versatile ingredient that in addition to being a wholesome drink, can be used in meals such as oatmeal, breakfast milky rice, soups, desserts as well as making excellent smoothies.

One of the highlights of the day’s activities was the Blender Bike, where participants demonstrated their fitness levels by riding a stationary bicycle that had a blender attached. The blender spun as the bike was ridden allowing the participants to make their favourite milkshakes and smoothies.

Adding glamour to the occasion were celebrity influencers Ufuoma Mcdermott and Adedimeji Lateef as well as Ify Mogekwu of Ify’s Kitchen and nutritionist, culinary expert and talk show host Jamila Lawal, who created their own milkshakes and encouraged their followers to do the same. Some fortunate shoppers met the celebrities and collaborated on the milkshake making!

For those with a creative flair, there was the opportunity to share a video on social media demonstrating creative ways to make a milkshake with the Kerrygold Avantage Milk. After working through all the submissions from entrants who participated in the Milkshake challenge, the judges identified fifteen winners who were rewarded with Kerrygold products, branded items, and shopping vouchers.

Besides the health benefits of milk, Kerrygold Avantage from Ireland is premium fat filled milk powder, meaning that it has extended shelf life without needing refrigeration and is suitable for the whole family. The powder is produced from natural, fresh skimmed cow’s milk, vegetable fat and fortified with vitamins to provide essential nutrients.

A rich heritage of family farming in Ireland, passed from generation to generation, combined with lush green fields, clean air and plentiful rain create the perfect environment for dairy farming, which converts grass into nutrient-rich, premium quality products. The objective of the promotions was to highlight the benefits of milk to Africa and to drive consumption of Irish milk beyond the use of cream.

“Our aim with this campaign is to create new consumption patterns for milk with the consumer outside the regular creamer pattern that is currently predominate pattern irrespective of the consumption occasion.” says Ese Okpomo, Bord Bia’s West Africa Manager.

Bord Bia works to enhance the reputation of Irish food, drink and horticulture, to develop markets for Irish suppliers and bring the taste of Irish food to more tables world-wide. With its headquarters in Dublin, Bord Bia’s extensive overseas presence, coupled with authoritative strategic insight, enables Bord Bia to pursue emerging opportunities and actively respond to significant market issues that affect the industry.