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Marian & experts give tips on how to solve common 3+ toddler nutrition problems

Toddlerhood opens an exciting new world for your little ones. It’s their age of exploration! For parents, it brings an array of challenges, especially when kids start to get picky with food. Kapuso mom Marian Rivera asks the question every Filipino parent asks: how do you make sure your 3+ toddlers get all the right nutrients and still enjoy the food they eat?

During the virtual Nido 3+ ExperTips Congress, Marian shares with fellow mom and event host Iya Villania that picky eating is something she has experienced with Zia. To avoid this, Marian introduced as many types of healthy food to her daughter as possible. She also tries to cook them as creatively as she could, adding in Zia’s favorite ingredients to healthy dishes. Her most important advice for other parents? Have lots of patience during mealtime and eat nutritious food together with your kids.

Toddler experts also weigh in about 3+ toddler nutrition during the Nido 3+ ExperTips Congress. Pediatricians and nutritionists in the event revealed that unbalanced meals and the lack of diversity in a 3+ toddler’s diet are the reasons why there is nutrition inadequacy among Filipino children today.

Here are 3+ toddler nutrition advice for parents as explained by the experts themselves during the Nido 3+ ExperTips Congress.

“Paano  kung yung toddler ko ayaw magpaawat [sa pagkain]? Feeling ko naman busog na siya pero umiiyak siya kapag hindi mo binibigyan ng extra food. What [can] I do? – Mommy Say Alonzo

Pediatrician Dr. Katrina Anne Valera advises parents to check if 3+ toddlers finish their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A morning and an afternoon snack may be given, but never when your child is about to sleep. For picky eaters, however, Dr. Valera recommends letting children explore a variety of healthy foods to give them a sense of control over what they eat.

“Is it okay to indulge your kids with sweets once in a while because I myself love sweets?” – Mommy Ciara Sotto

“The key is moderation.” Nutritionist Ms. Ditas Sagarbarria answered.  Before giving them sweets, “make sure [your 3+ toddlers eat] nutritious meals [and] follow the regular meal schedule.” Keep in mind that the daily sugar intake is only 4-5 teaspoons a day. Sweets should never be used as a bribe or a reward for eating healthy food.

“Yung daughter ko hindi po siya tabain. Ibig sabihin po ba ay malnourished siya?” – Mommy Mary Jane Hernandez

Weight alone is not the indication of a 3+ toddler’s health. According to Dr. Edward Santos, a child is not considered malnourished if the weight falls within the normal range for his or her age and height. To stay healthy, 3+ toddlers must be given a balanced meal every day.

Experts agree that 3+ toddlers must also be given age-appropriate growing up milk to complement their balanced diet, especially since the nutritional needs of young children are different from the rest of the family. This is to ensure they get all the micronutrients and macronutrients they need. For Marian Rivera, Nido 3+ can give Zia protection nutrients like Vitamins A, C, E and Selenium to help support immunity. It is also packed with DHA, LA and ALA for the brain and PREBIO3® fiber to support healthy digestion. NIDO 3+ also contains Iron and Zinc to support normal cognitive development and other essential minerals to help her daughter grow and thrive in her 3+ toddlerhood years.


Nido 3+ does not contain table sugar, making it ideal for young children. It is also the only 3+ toddler-expert milk with LACTOBACILLUS PROTECTUS® that helps support a child’s upper respiratory defenses, keeping them safe from colds and coughs. Parents must make it a habit to check nutrition labels on food so they can make healthier food choices for their 3+ toddlers.

“Kaya si Zia, umiinom siya ng 2 glasses of Nido 3+ a day.” the Kapuso mom said. “Confident ako na TODO protected si Zia at maiiwasan yung kakulangan sa nutrients.”

For more expert tips on your 3+ toddlers, watch Marian and daughter Zia, and the Nido 3+ panel of experts at the Nido 3+ ExperTips Congress website: until May 31, 2021!

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